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Discovery Kids: Build A Coaster November 11, 2012

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I know that since the Science standards are in the process of changing teachers are having to find new things to teach the new things that are expected of them. I was researching some hands on activities for the second grade teachers in my building. They are required to teach students about force. I found this site that allowed students to create their own roller coaster. No better way to demonstrate their knowledge of force than to actually design and evaluate their own designs.



Survey Monkey November 4, 2012

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Survey Monkey is a free educational resource for teachers not only to evaluate students’ perceptions but for students to do a quick evaluation of themselves. If students were to set goals, they could use Survey Monkey to track their own progress in achieving those goals. Survey Monkey may be found at



Creative Commons (Technology and Education PPT) November 1, 2012

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UF Mission Statement October 27, 2012

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Math Fact Cafe October 7, 2012

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This is a website that not only is a free technology for students, but a free resource for teachers. This website offers grade level flash cards for students to practice all orders of operations. Teachers could even use these for assessments of their fact skills. It also offers teachers the chance to use or even create their own worksheets on these skills.

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Podcasts October 2, 2012

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This is a podcast that has a featured poem of the day. Students can listen to this podcast during center time then do an activity in response to this podcast. This could be creating their own podcast in response to the poem that was heard.

I guess what was new to me was this technology all together. I was able to to hear several different poems. There are different readers to the poem exposing children to a wide variety of reading experiences.


RSS September 23, 2012

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I think using RSS would benefit me as an educator in many ways. I am in charge of the building blog site this year. Using RSS, I would like to connect the building site to teachers’ blogs. This will give me a way to keep up with the most current information in the classrooms throughout the building. This will also help as I start teaching blogging to students. It will help me keep up to date with their blogging.
Since I have not used RSS yet, I used the suggested reader  I have subscribed to following blogs: Elliot Lawrence ( , Juli Dearing (, Richard Yocum (, Andrew Stein ( , and Melanie Yocum (


Scolastic Reading Inventory (SRI) September 17, 2012

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When asked what technology I feel would benefit me and my students, I think the Scholastic Reading Inventory or SRI.SRI is a research-based, computer-adaptive reading assessment program for students in Grades K–12 that measures reading comprehension on the Lexile Framework® for Reading. The most powerful feature of the SRI is its ability to administer fast and reliable low-stakes assessment to inform instruction and make accurate placement recommendations. Aligned to state tests, SRI helps educators forecast student achievement to those important goals. Check out their website.


Scholastic Reading Inventory


Why Educators Blog September 9, 2012

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Mrs. Dyer


Mrs. Dyer blogs for a couple reasons. I noticed that a  lot of her blogs are resources for students to extend learning. She also has important announcements on there for students and parents to keep them up to date on what is going on in the classroom.


Mr. Salsich


Mr. Salsich blogs for demonstrating what is being done in the classroom. I thought that it was interesting that he was also using the blog for students to comment or display their work. All posts go through him, even if it is student or parent generated.


Mrs. Goerend


Looking through Mrs. Goerend’s blog, it is easy to determine why she blogs. She uses it as a communication between her and the parents of the students in her classroom. She has important announcements and resources for parents and students.

Looking through these blogs helps remind me why I started blogging this year. With my position being a new one, I felt that it was important to demonstrate to others the skills that were being taught. The position that I am teaching this year was done as a part-time pilot last year. When talking with a parent, they had told me that they asked their son what he did in Tech Class last year. His response was, “Play games.” Although I know this to not be true, I wanted a blog site that showed others what we were doing in Tech Class so there would be no question.

Here is my personal blog site:


Delicious and Flickr September 2, 2012

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So signed up for a couple of new sites. Delicious is a social site where people can share web resources. This will come in handy as I look for the newest things to teach kids. Here is my site

Flickr is another site that I signed up for. It is a place where people can store and share photos. It also a great place to link with your blogging sites. Here is my site